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Lockdown in an Emergency

On very rare occasions, it may be necessary to close the school so that it is not possible for anyone to gain access from the outside. This will ensure that pupils, staff and visitors are safe in situations where there is danger on the school grounds or in the vicinity of the school.


If the school goes into a situation of emergency closure, we will inform the parents of any event or development as soon as it is practical to do so through the Schoolcomms system.

We kindly ask parents:

  • Not to contact the school by phone. Calling the school could tie up telephone lines needed to contact the Emergency Services;
  • Not to come to the school. This could interfere with the access of the Emergency Services to the school and put themselves and others at risk;
  • Wait for the school to contact them about when it is safe for them to collect their children, and where they should collect them from

The school understands that parents are concerned about the welfare of their children and everything possible will be done to ensure the safety of the pupils. However, the parents will need to understand that if the school is in a Full Emergency Lockdown situation, possibly no one will respond to phone calls, the external doors will be locked and no one will be allowed in or out of the building.